Mrs. DeNooyer's Math Class

Portage North Middle School

Mrs. DeNooyer’s Classroom

2015/2016 School Year



Portage North Middle School, Home of the Jr. Huskies…  Where failure is not an option!

Teacher Contact
Name: Katie DeNooyer

Phone: 323-5711



Welcome to the 2016/17 school year! I am so excited to have you in my classroom. We are going to have a successful year full of fun and learning. Below you will find our classroom rules and expectations.


At North Middle School we practice the “3 R’s”. They are…

1)         Respect

2)        Responsibility

3)        Relationship Building


Here is what they look like in Room 93:


-Follow Directions the 1st time

-Hands and Feet to yourself

-Listen when others are speaking


-Clean up after yourself

-Complete your work

-Be a problem solver 

Relationship Building

-Smile and be friendly

-Use kind words

-Include and help each other

Students that follow these 3 R's have the opportunity to earn school-wide Positive Behavior Tickets. These tickets are put into a drawing (done on Fridays during lunch) where the students have a chance to earn prizes! In addition, students will receive a daily sticker if they follow the 3 R's. Once their sticker chart is filled they can have a trip to the classroom prize box. 


If the classroom expectations are not followed here is what will happen:

1st warning- Warning

2nd warning- Warning

3rd warning- Lunch Detention

4th warning- Call Home and Trip to the office